Walking and Exploration

Walking is the best means of transport and the healthiest form of exercise. It is also the best way to explore the dry parts of the Earth’s surface.  Ever since childhood I have been a walker. I have tackled several long distance paths, including the Pennine Way in 1980 and Hadrian’s Wall in 2015. The countryside is the best place in which to ramble, but I am not averse to exploring urban landscapes on foot as well. For an observant person, the smallest walk from one’s front door to the corner shop can be an adventure. Every walk is an act of exploration and discovery, especially if one has some knowledge of history.


Me almost at the end of the Hadrian’s Wall Walk on 1st August 2015

Here are some treasures from recent walks:-


Door in the Wall Around Holy Trinity Church Yard, Hoylake


The Old Corn Mill at Wennington


Queen Victoria Drinking Fountain. Hoylake


Gravestone, Burgh By Sands, Cumberland


Old Rake, Robert Hall near Low Bentham West Riding, Yorkshire


Ancient Rock-Cut Graves, Heysham, Lancashire


Roman Fort, Birdoswald, Hadrian’s Wall, Cumberland


Karl Marx in Highgate Cemetery


Mural, Cable Street, Whitechapel


Listed Farm Buildings dating to 1846 in Wennington


Iron Age Hill Fort, Cornwall

There is so much to see, but perhaps you don’t know where and how to start. I can help you: hire me to take you on a walk. You might be coming to the United Kingdom on holiday and desirous of getting an intimate view of the country. I can recommend routes and themes or perhaps you have some ideas of your own. Speak to me via my contact page and we will arrange something.


  • Half day walk – £60
  • Full day walk – £100
  • Extra charges for transport as required.

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