My genealogical adventures began in 1982, before personal computers and the internet. If you wanted to trace your family tree, you had to leave the house and go to the General Register Office or its local equivalent, to libraries and archives and study certificates, censuses and parish registers. It could take you months to construct one generation on your tree and it was often costly. These days (as proved by an ex colleague of mine), it is possible to trace your lineage online and to get to William the Conqueror in a matter of hours. Indeed, a recent American visitor to my home was amazed by my being able to trace five generations of his family back to 18th century Germany in less than an hour! However, we have to be careful about such discoveries because they are often based on other people’s research, which we are unable to verify. In this respect, I feel that those of us who learned our genealogical skills before the internet have an advantage because we are aware of the nature of the sources and of the verification process and are generally more skeptical and wary.


Adamthwaite, Westmorland – the home of my earliest known ancestor, William Adamthwaite born in about 1620

I still enjoy online research – after all, it has enabled me to find my earliest known ancestor, William Adamthwaite of Adamthwaite in Westmorland, who was born in about 1620 and to accumulate nearly 3,000 people on my family tree. You might also have enjoyed discovering your family tree online but have reached a dead end and don’t know what to do next. I can help by giving advice and by consulting archives which are not yet online. Alternatively, you might not have even begun researching your family tree and would like me to do it for you. I will gladly undertake all the necessary work whether it is online or in the archives and write it up for you in an accessible and interesting manner.

Cost of Genealogical Research

My basic fee is £15 for every hour I work. I will also charge expenses for copying and printing. If you would like me to travel to more distant archives, it will cost more. Let me know what you want via my contact page.

Thanks for reading this page. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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