I am a fully qualified secondary history teacher with an MA in History in Education, gained at the London Institute of Education in 1996 and thirty years’ experience of teaching in British state comprehensive schools. I also possess a current DBS certificate. Throughout my teaching career I encouraged my pupils to study local and family history and to use primary sources and artifacts in order to think like historians. I am now offering my expertise to all primary and secondary schools in the United Kingdom. I can help you begin local and community history projects and introduce children to primary sources and artifacts from all periods between the stone age and the 20th century.


A Favourite Task for Year 7 Pupils – interpreting a Roman Gravestone from Ambleside: what can it tell us about the Romans in Cumbria? All the artifacts, apart from the gravestone are mine. I can bring them into your school and enable your pupils to carry out a similar enquiry.


A pupil in Kendal engaging with a 16th century probate record from Greasby in Cheshire. We often underestimate what young people are capable of doing with old documents and artifacts.

In particular, I am offering my services as a Great War specialist. I possess a wide range of authentic and replica British military artifacts, including a canvas bell tent, badges, medals, caps, helmets, uniforms, weapons and webbing. These can be used to motivate and inspire children to learn about the Great War and to engage in meaningful enquiries of their own.


Some of the Great War Artifacts Available for use in the Classroom

Here are the ways in which the items can be employed to improve learning:

  • Talks and presentations about any aspect of a soldier’s experience e.g. recruitment, training, life and death in the trenches, food, medicine and hospital care, accommodation, travel and battles
  • Demonstrations of weapons, equipment and cookery
  • Using artifacts and documents to carry out enquiries into aspects of the history of the Great War.

Talk to me via my contact page about your requirements and ideas.

Thank you for reading this page. I look forward to hearing from you.

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